What we do?

Business and organizations looking for transformation, optimization and new opportunities based on technology partner with us in continuous building and support of Software products, Web platforms, business management systems and Mobile internal, B2B or B2C systems.

Existing business transformation

We partner with businesses as a go-to partner for a digital transformation, growth, automation and increasing customer lifetime value.

While increasing operational productivity, as a team, we aim at reducing management dependency while growing the business value.


Product/business development

For the investors and entrepreneurs with a vision for a new product or a business model, we are a product development partner.

We form a team that works together on strategy,  continuous delivery in supporting validation and growth.


Technical team augmentation

We partner with Software, Business development and Consulting companies looking for a technical team or an extension.

We can provide one or more specialization for contentious delivery and support while usually, partner takes care of the strategy and business development.


How we do it?

It begins with discovery and develops in a journey together.

The big picture


Production of web platforms and back-end systems we base on the ASP.NET Core and the ASP.NET MVC. The iOS and the Android mobile apps on the React Native and front-end development with the ReactJS. Preferred database is the SQL Server. The choice of a Cloud is the Azure and the AWS.


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