Umbraco as a wireframing tool?

I’m loving Umbraco so much that I started using it beyond his CMS capabilities. Lately, after trying several mockup and wireframing tools, I finally settled with… Umbraco! We’re mostly using Twitter Bootstrap for our web apps, and those two in combination make an excellent wireframing tool. It is really simple to set it up, I […]

Umbraco widgets – razor way

We have been working on an interesting project lately and as usual, with every new project there is some new Umbraco implementation trick we learn. That is the power of Umbraco and what I love about it, you can do almost anything, it is the most flexible system I ever used. In this particular case, […]

Umbraco and DotNetNuke

I have deliberately used “and” in the title to avoid “Umbraco vs DotnetNuke”. This is not technical comparison between the two nor overview of either one of those CMSes. It’s simply a short story why we started using Umbraco, in parallel to DNN, after many years of DNN development. Being of technical background but economics and management […]

EU Cookie Legislation and Umbraco

Introduction to law: There has been a lot of talks about EU Cookie legislation on websites. Everybody that does websites probably got at least few call from clients with questions and requests to make their websites comply. Cookie legislation also changed in the meantime which confused some. In short, what we have been getting from […]