DUMP is a non profit student association from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split. While they are a student organisation by name, they are everything but just that. With real projects, student IT competitions, developer academies for students, their great internship program and other activities they have made a great mission of preparing students for real world projects which is something all IT companies love.

When DUMP guys and gals decided to make a whole day event in which they would bring in companies to talk to students about technologies and projects they build everyday, we knew that it wouldn’t be anything short than awesome!

As we’ve expected, the conference was prepared perfectly. Not one detail escaped their eye, not one thing was not prepared. Really great work on their side!

You can find out more about the event itself https://day.dump.hr

Besides hanging out on the conference and meeting pretty impressive students we also did a presentation on one of our technologies of choice, Angular 2 with TypeScript. After the session we’ve answered some interesting questions and met a few people which are already building projects with Angular 2, and some of them which will hopefully build some nice projects with us in the future as well ;)

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Download demos


To run the demos, you need Visual Studio 2015 with .NET 4.5 together with Node. Just restore the packages in Visual Studio, and run npm install to restore Node packages, together with npm run go to start the Angular project.

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See you on DUMP Day 2017!