Why Product Prototyping Retreat?

Compress potentially months of work into a week-time process. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product or feature, you’ll get a better understanding from validating realistic prototype.

Move away from a daily routine, think outside of the box and have 2-in-1 design sprint and destination experience.

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How does it work?

The program accommodates modified Design Sprint methodology. The travel part is suggested based on preferences, arriving and departure time.

Tuesday and Wednesday we work on-site at netmedia’s production office in Split, Croatia, while other days are optional and combined with free time to explore the destination.

1 Step 1 Consultation

Remote kick-off consultation to define challenges we'll be able to work on together.

2 Step 2 Welcome to Split, Croatia

Travelling in, accommodating, getting know. It is Monday :)

3 Step 3 Sprint-time

A four - day active and intense hackathon to generate solutions through design, prototyping & testing.

Step by step

Day 1 Understand
  • Defining the challenges
  • Generating various solutions
Day 2 Sketch & Decide
  • Defining the challenges
  • Generating various solutions
Day 3 Prototype
  • Building a prototype, setting user tests
  • Reviewing together at the end of the day
Day 4 Validate
  • Depending on progress, day 4 (or in a week after you leave), together we arrange testing prototype with real test users you procure from the target audience.
  • Based on feedback, we propose next steps.
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Where is the retreat taking place?

City of Split is a coastal city in Croatia, with around 2-hour flight from most of the European cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin or Paris.

Split is a gateway centre for islands, coastline and inland.

Diocletian, the Roman emperor, knew why to build a palace that is part of Unesco heritage. Split and area are home of sceneries from Game of Thrones series.

Because of destination popularity and best experience combining it with business, we recommend the Spring or Autumn period.

What is the outcome and steps after retreat?

The outcome of the retreat is a clickable, interactive prototype.

Next step is re-testing, use for the second retreat or to polish an idea to make it ready for further development from prototype to the real thing.


“Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.” – Ash Maurya

generation concept

Idea was to envision and build prototype of lead generation concept combining internal data sources and external services.

Chrome extension

Idea was how to improve productivity and efficiency from using internal systems Client is using. First step was to define workflow and prototype on ideas that make sense before engaging development.

building concept

Idea was how to envision a web platform that will granularly build pieces of content, interwined to horizontally build dynamic, meaningful landing pages.

Let's build
something worth building!

Our “why” is how to create more value, faster.

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