Discovery retreat

Where applicable, we start the cooperation with a 3-5 day workshop where we discover together:

  • How can we reach goals faster with less resources?
  • How can we reduce the risk of building things that might end up not used?
  • Which are the most significant opportunities and problems to focus?
  • How to prevent investing months on wrong things?

Simple, trust us for a week! Discovery retreat

Planned Team or dedicated Team+ model

Depending on a monthly budget, plans and impact on the business, in cooperation we start with the flexible approach with the team upgrade potential.

Back-end/front-end software engineers, quality assurance, creatives,… are some of the roles we form a team from our resources.

Some team member roles can be shared for the optimal budget expenditure, while a key part of a team to support business development can be more dedicated.

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Level-Up path

We are already in established, successful cooperation? As a team, we are functioning? With the right opportunity, vision and timing, we can discuss an opportunity, the next step how to capitalize on cooperation through

  • Co-investment
  • Starting a technically oriented joint-venture (possibly combined with your core business)
  • Dedicated and shared resources
  • Business infrastructure
  • Tailored standards, procedures and compliance
  • and more…

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netmedia Team netmedia Team+ In-house team Classic agency
Capacity planned dedicated dedicated planned
Priority response time and availability or complex agreements
Scalable capacity
Cooperation flexibility
Shared CTO and Growth advisory (optional)
Level-Up path (optional)

Natural cooperation model

Tailored for maximising value and flexibility with dedicated and planned teams.


Production of web platforms and back-end systems we base on the ASP.NET Core and the ASP.NET MVC. The iOS and the Android mobile apps on the React Native and front-end development with the ReactJS. Preferred database is the SQL Server. The choice of a Cloud is the Azure and the AWS.


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