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With a development history extending over two decades, we have cultivated extensive expertise tested across diverse domains. This provides us with a unique foresight, allowing us to optimize project’s outcomes. We strategically leverage technology, allocate resources efficiently, and tailor our approach to specific projects through Proven process.

  1. Discovery In the discovery phase, we collaborate closely to align your project with your business goals and objectives.  User Personas and Journeys
    Idea Validation
    Technology Evaluation
  2. Design Design phase begins with careful planning, taking account information architecture and user interface considerations tailored to your target users, devices and usage scenarios. 

    Our process includes usability testing and data-driven validation of clickable prototypes, considering user experience before the implementation phase.

    Information Architecture
    Usability Testing
    Visual Design
  3. Development We tailor our approach to each project and product, taking into account their unique objectives, users, strategy, internal processes, and way of working. We leverage technology, tools, frameworks, and platforms, including Agile development methodologies, to achieve the desired outcomes. 

    Key areas: mobile apps, web platforms, and business web applications.

    Agile Development
    Dotnet Core
    React Native (iOS, Android)
  4. Operations As we transition from the initial project phase, we lay the foundation for operations in production.

    This encompasses aspects like team retention, new functionalities, functionality changes, technology upgrades, proactive activities and support, all aimed at ensuring the continued operation of digital solution in changing environment.

    Together, we define the scope, aligning with needs and possibilities. 

    Agile Development
    Team Availability
    Response Time
    Technology Upgrade

Making a difference

Collaborations we engage can lead to a long term partnerships, where we support clients’ operations navigating the shifting landscapes of user behavior, markets, trends, and technology to sustain or evolve business.

20+ years of experience

200+ businesses supported

300+ solutions

Industries Hospitality, Automotive, Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance, Services

Core processes Human resources, Operations, Finance, Distribution

Customer Lifecycle management
Prospecting, Sales, Loyalty, Retention and Winback

SaaS product development, Automation, Data management, Integration

Tech stack .NET, SQL Server, ReactJS, NextJS, React Native (iOS, Android), Azure, AWS


Delivering solutions throughout Europe, in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, the UK, and Croatia.

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